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Everything you post is encrypted on a server beyond the reach of the US Government.  Not even the server owner or the blog administrator can see your unencrypted messages unless you choose to make them public.  You can create messages for individuals that only they can see.  We urge you to obey Constitutional laws in all your posts but no one will violate your right to private conversations with people you choose.

FVBP started as the website for Farmington Valley Business Partners, a Leads Exchange Group.  A lot has changed since then.

If you are not a Conservative or Orthodox Christian or Jew, you don't belong here.  You will be asked for evidence that you are before you can log in and post.  If you are approached by a fellow member and their post does not meet your interpretation of Conservative or Christian (We have no objection to Conservative Jews), please report them and their message and if true, they will be banned and all their posts deleted permanently.

We are redesigning this website to be a legal political blog for Conservatives and real Christians.  Please check back in 2 months.

Legal, as defined by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Christian as defined by literal belief in and adherence to the King James Bible or the Orthodox New Testament.

In a world of leftist hate and violence against anyone who disagrees with their theology, it is necessary to be cautious.  When complete, everything you do on this blog will be private to you and only to you.  Your password and name will be encrypted. All your blog posts will be encrypted and you will be given a key that you can share with individuals to unlock private messages to them.  This private key is not stored anywhere on our server so no one, not the blog administrator, not the server owner and not any government agency can unencrypt a private message.  You can also post public messages that are visible to any blog member.

In order to join you need a secure email address.  This does not include gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any Microsoft email vendor.  However we will send to a Telegram account so when creating an account you can choose either secure email or Telegram as a way for us to send your password and private encruption keys.

This website is supported by advertising.  Posting your ads here does not imply anything, not even that you are Conservative.  However obviously evil leftists probably need not advertise here because no one will buy from you anyway.

We are redesigning this website.  Please check back in 2 months.

It should not be a surprise that the blog administrator is a website designer.  And that he promotes his customers, below: